TWiLight Menu++ Install Guide and Usage on 3DS CFW

TWiLight Menu++ Install Guide and Usage on 3DS CFW

This video will show you how to install TWiLight Menu++ on a 3DS running CFW. Enjoy the video

Twilight Menu++ on Gbatemp :

Twilight Menu github :

Twilight Menu updater :


7-zip :

Winrar :



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  1. Uhm…. At 4:54, I didn't get to choose my console. Anything that I might have done wrong?

  2. Twilight what use can anyone explain me

  3. Does anyone know if there is anyway I can fit more nds games in my nds folder? I reached the limit which was like 50 and am wondering if there is anyway to get around the limit?

  4. it cant work on my O3DS, i just got blank white screen, do you happen to know whats the problem?

  5. I know this may sound stupid but I tried to do this for the first time. I've installed the cia and there's no present box or anything coming. So decided to delete all of the TWiLight file on my memory card adn search for another programs that can run NDS game on 3DS XL. After copying different program, I wanted to install it on my 3DS vut then the TWiLight present box coming. Now the icon is stuck there and I can't delete or uninstall the old CIA. Installing new TWiLight cia doesn't work either.

  6. lol that intro for a 55.6k subs

  7. can you make how to instal twilight on flashcart?

  8. The app didn't appear after I downloaded, help.

  9. Do I have to download the twilight updater aswell?

  10. The best tutorial I’ve ever seen! It took me 5 minutes to do it! Now I can play HeartGold. Thank you !

  11. Sweet

    Once I'm done installing my games I'm going to install this

    I'm looking to turn my 2dsxl into a retro console as well as a 2ds console

  12. In the roms folder, can i add a new folder called "my games" and add any gba and nds games there while also deleting the rest of the folders?

  13. nds-bootstrap (Release) not found

  14. whenever I try to open TWiLight menu it just goes to a black screen for a while and then closes

  15. Thanks! I finally got to download Spore and Pokemon HeartGold!

  16. I have a problem on sm64ds on the last bowser. Whenever I try to jump run the game freezes. Is it the rom or twilight menu itself? Sorry if this is confusing I’m a bit of a noob with this,

  17. Hi, I have been using twilightmenu to play pokemon black 2, however, i recently tried to play pokemon light platinum, a rom hack. I put the .gba file in the gba rom file, and placed the bios.bin in the root. However, when i tried to open it, it told me there was an error concerning the nds bootstrap? Nonetheless, i'm pretty confused and could use some help. Thanks!

  18. in the nds roms folder, there is a "saves" folder for game saves. Does this mean if i save games during the game menu they will actually save in that folder? Because I don't want to have to restart a game every time I want to play it

  19. I already installed and played around but did not put the gba portion in can I still put it in like in the tutorial even now or must I uninstall and try again?

  20. I used a QR code to download this app will it still work?

  21. hello, when i try to run gba roms it just goes black and dont work, some help?

  22. is there a way you can have DS game icons in the main 3DS menu?

  23. Aren't roms illegal? So wont we get in trouble?

  24. Got it working on my 3ds xl running cfw. I still have my ndsi that also has this but its nice also knowing I can just run the two with the same game for some local multiplayer lol.


  26. Does anyone know how to change the pink color of the DSi theme? Settings > Theme > and changing color to blue/yellow/etc only changes the background. Trying to change the box boarders on icons and arrows.

  27. Yes!!! thank you!! It works flawlessly. I am so happy now. I dont need the R4 card. Yay!!!

  28. Considering that his n2DS XL looks exactly like mine it is wayyy easier for me to follow along.

  29. it says 'sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/ main.srldr not found. Any help?

  30. bro thx now i can download old nds games!

  31. how do i change the hour in twilight menu

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