Vinyl Review – with Tom Vasel

Vinyl Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at a record collecting game called Vinyl!

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  1. Do they have any punch outs in the sale bin? A deep cut for those who know what I just said lol I still have vinyl in a thick plastic milk crate. fwiw a USB turntable sounds really good to digitize them. For a seemingly simple game as you say, BGG Game Night took about half an hour to explain the rules before they actually played it (?) It's a cool idea for a game. To think there's generations who never got to flip thru a record bin.

  2. The theme sounds cool but too bad that board looks so confusing to look at.

  3. Does the 80's expansion magazine cards get mixed with the main board game cards. I ask cause back of card is different

  4. For the record… I bought a vinyl player.

  5. Keep the good hat work!

  6. Well now I have to buy this game. Why? Because at 8:21 there’s a record with a patina ‘56 Dodge Coronet on it. And that’s exactly what I own.. 🙂

  7. It always rubs me the wrong way when the rule book talks about expansions that don’t come in the base game.

    It really feels tactless and unnecessary.

  8. How many kids know what layaway is now? 🙂

  9. Surprised hip hop is not represented. You know the only reason vinyl isn’t a distant memory.

  10. The version reviewed was the kickstarter edition. It would be great if Tom could explain the differences from the retail, especially as most watching only have the retail option to buy. I think KS to retail difference should be part of any review of a KS product that is getting reviewed.

  11. My brother works at a used records store. I wonder if he would like this…I might get it for him just to torture him.

  12. Never forget the Rolling Bandits….

  13. This is a great game produced by a local game company here in AZ. The game is fun and you are supporting a small game company that does a lot for the gaming community here in the Phoenix area. The game also has lots of cool expansions.

  14. It's a fun game that is fairly easy to teach. Some of the iconography is hard to figure out at first but after a couple of plays it becomes second nature The Double Mix is a bit hard to wrap your head around at first I agree. Good game overall…haven't tried the expansions yet but looks like it adds replay value to the game. I don't use the the guitar meeples but they are cool.

  15. I wonder if they'll do this for comic books someday. Then of course CCGs

  16. I was intrigued by the art and the worker placement and such, and then he pulled out the bin with the dividers and I gasped. That is a genius design choice!

  17. @3:10 "..they will knock you up…" Cool, a game that comes with a pregnancy mechanic.

  18. I don't like records, I don't even like music. But I really enjoyed this game

  19. I wonder if it would help to have a 3 D printed device that held the cards at one end so you would flip through it similar to a box of records. It might make it not only more thematic but help the visual clutter

  20. I looked into this when it hit CoolStuff, but the price kept me from getting it. The CoolStuff price was 60 bucks with each expansion an additional 20….ouch.

  21. All the guitars are different models though. No need for different colors, although that would help.

  22. Thank you for the coverage of Vinyl!

  23. I dig it…. I might pick this one up eventually.

  24. Who remembers when the rolling bandits took over this review?

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