What happens if you put a 3DS game in a DS?

What happens if you put a 3DS game in a DS?

In This Video: I.. sacrifice a 3DS game to show the internet what happens when you put a 3DS game into a Nintendo DS.

#RIPSteelDiverNub #3DSONDS

Edit: I have no idea why YouTube thinks this is Dark Souls. The tags are: “3DS, DS, Nintendo, What Happens If You Put a 3DS Game In a DS?, Test, Games, Retro, Questions?” It’s just Google/YouTube being strange. Also, people should really check out the Video Game Stuff playlist linked in the cards. There’s a ton of stuff in there.

Secondary Edit: The theme on the New 3DS is called “Shantae Beach” and is available on the Nintendo Theme Shop in North America. It’s promoting “Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse,” a game that is rated E10.

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  1. I bet we all knew what was gonna happen, but clicked the video anyway

  2. hhmmm

  3. Sometime ago my brother put a copy of pokemon Crystal in a pokemon blue cartridge to see how the original gameboy would handle it, it just had a little message saying it was incompatible

  4. you did not realise that you could transfer to a 3ds in a dsi!

  5. ”Minecraft for Nintendo DS”

  6. Why does this have 3 million views when people already know this doesn’t work?

  7. i was hoping something like:
    "this game was not design to work on NDS Family, please insert it in a 3DS family console"
    great video anyway.

  8. Haha ds go boom

  9. First of all, no

    The DS can not handle the graphics or music of the game

  10. It wouldn’t I tried it on mine it wouldn’t fit I’m glad to find this video 🥺❤️

  11. What a painful waste of time

  12. nice video

  13. ive tried it on yoshis new island i didnt work

  14. Of course it’s not going to work, we all knew that but I guess there could have been one 9 year old that went here and thought if he cut the piece of the 3ds cartridge and put it in his ds, it would work

  15. It doesn’t fit there is your answer

  16. We didn’t force you to do this, stop complaining.

  17. Bruh it has that little part of it coming out of the right side so you don't friggin ruin anything.

  18. OwO I would never try this
    1. Cuz my Nintendo DS lite is my first DS and gives me nostalgia
    2. Ye I’m a kid TvT

  19. Sad lol nub

  20. Oh! So that's what happens.🤔

  21. Dis mans cringing at cutting a piece of plastic bruh

  22. how about 2ds games on 3ds

  23. what's the thing that bocks the cartridge from going in

  24. This has been a complete waste of my time.

  25. Does anyone else notice the shantea background in the 3ds

  26. I don’t understand why did Nintendo put that on the 3ds cartridge knowing it won’t work regardless
    They should of just made the cartridge exactly like the DS

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