WWE Brawl: Everything We Know About The WWE's Cancelled Videogame

WWE Brawl: Everything We Know About The WWE's Cancelled Videogame

WWE Brawl was in development between 2010-2012 at THQ’s Australian Studio Blue Tongue Entertainment.

The game was officially announced in 2011 and seen the reveal of a gameplay trailer shortly before Wrestlemania XXVII, however due to THQ’s financial troubles the studio was closed down in late 2011 and WWE Brawl was officially cancelled.

Due to it’s cancellation so shortly after it’s announcement not a lot of information was revealed about the game or it’s premise, therefore in this video we take a look at the story behind the game, it’s characters, settings and gameplay.

If you enjoyed this video then please leave a like and let me know in the comments what you think of WWE Brawl? Is this a game that you would have been excited to play?

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  1. In today’s video I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at WWE Brawl which was announced in 2011 before being cancelled shortly after.
    Let me know what you think of the video and if there’s any other cancelled video games you’d like me to cover 🙂

  2. I feel like edge and mysterio would of been my favorite. Still upset this never made it to shelves.

  3. I didn't know about this game 🙄🙄

  4. And we back

  5. .

  6. Since WWE 2K21 may be cancelled, they should bring the idea of this game back to life.

  7. They should bring it back

  8. it looked like a bad game anyway. like worse than wwe 2k20

  9. Ah, man… This game with a character creator would be a dream!

  10. When I was younger and found the game I was so heartbroken to find out it was canceled
    It still botheres me to this day that it never came out

  11. I have legends and all stars.. The graphical style of brawl reminds me a bit of all stars. It's a shame because I collect wrestling games and I would have definitely bought this.

  12. It's like slam city the game

  13. This would’ve been way better for cena’s gimmick

  14. So…… 90% of the game is finish but you just gave up and didn't complete it 🤔

  15. This game would have been sick

  16. I get edges power being in the right place at the right time taking from him being The Ultimate Opportunist

  17. Even if this game did get released there was no saving THQ. Udraw sunk them hard. There was no coming back from that.

  18. That game would hv been crap. Glad it was cancelled. All stars 2 w arcade features from brawl might b unique.

  19. Triple H is Shao Khan 💀⛏

  20. That shit looks lit

  21. They should try to make this a Android/iOS game.

  22. Man… That game looks fun

  23. Maybe thqnordic makes it

  24. This game would have been great. Hopefully this is the kinda game that's being worked on for the alternative.

  25. Meh, I remember this, but was never interested. I was never into the idea of an over the top wrestling game…which is why I didn't like All Stars. If Yuke's new project is anything similar…I won't be getting it. I just want a serious wrestling game that's actually good again.

  26. Smh. Thats why I say THQ was the best. Them & Yukes together knew how to keep us entertained. These other people that been making the games since 2K15 are nothing more than money grabbers

  27. I am glad it didn't come out it doesn't interest me i want my wrestling games to be in a wrestling ring and i will play mortal kombat or street fighter if i want a fighting game. IMO WWE should be treated like it is a sport like back in the day

  28. Instead we got WWE Immortal’s

  29. Smacktalks I have a Did You Know
    Did you know that Finn Balor's entrance is exclusive to him and no one else can use it?

  30. This game could of been the best in the world

  31. We need it

  32. Did you know that the natural selection has a tired version

  33. Brawl city. Is now suplex city if they decided to make the game and Brock Lesnar would be the villain that’s what the 2019 version would be like

  34. This game would have been great.

  35. This game would have been So GOOD

    Why don’t they make it

    They missed a HUGE opportunity

  36. It’s like a wwe version of def jam haha I love it

  37. Hopefully this is the game yukes is working on. Maybe wwe all stars 2.

  38. Was so hype for this after all stars tears

  39. So….who do we have to petition to get this game made??? 👀

    I would love a game like this to freshen things up!

  40. And All Star Came out and say “THIS IS MY YARD NOW “

  41. This game is awsome it should be release is 2019

  42. It did cane out in Japan

  43. #no

  44. Come on dude who didn't saw this was a good idea the game looks fun I tell you I waste few bucks for this game for sure not a fan of wrestling games but this would've put me in the line to buy this game

  45. Smacktalks please put this in your next video.#didyouknow that if Roman reigns does a shoulder carry to Braun strowman and Braun reverses it.Braun would do a unique revarsal similar to the tombstone pile driver revarsal

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